Saturday, April 16, 2016

Scared for life !


I have worried about,
felt responsible for,
so many people 
over the years -
Now I wonder 
if my time, energy and love
ever averted one disaster,
changed the course
of a single life
or made the slightest difference 
to the relentless pattern of fate -
I only know I have no regrets
for my foolishness,
if I gave someone a glimmer hope,
a touch or courage 
or an hours holiday 
from loneliness 

Spell it out !

When we cease
to have compassion
for our fellow human beings,
its the beginning of the end
of civilisation -

A women in trouble. 10th, Paris. 13.

From my room with a view - Hamburg.

PERHAPS - when we stop being hurt - we give up the privilege of loving - Nan Witcomb.

Written in ink, Vadim. Hamburg, April 16.