Friday, April 2, 2010

The Beginning

So I am back home in Germany after grueling few months on the road with the shows and scouting. Every thing I am working on is coming along but I have had a few set backs due to loosing my dear flat mate to Cancer and all the struggles leading up to her passing away. There are just times in ones life that we focus our energy on others. Also my main assistant is on the other side of the world and still not replaced. My workload at PMA continues to grow and all of it together has left me with little time to formulate all that I am shooting.

I promises that my web site will be up and running again after Easter. I have had complications there as well. I will also say that there will be some changes to the site over the next months. I have decided to start a blog because my life is insane. I want to share some of my experiences a little more at length just to get a deeper insight to what I do and whom I am.

I have 3 weeks in Germany before I return back to my mother country of Australia and I plan on working over time on, The Kenya project, Fashion week and a few other things I will keep a lid on for now.

Looking forward to getting this blog up and running !

Thats all for now.

Paul James