Saturday, October 6, 2012

RAW exhibitrion pre show instalation video.

RAW.... Almost two years later....  As I work away on my new website and all the new material after such a long and quiet period of my life I stumbelled across this installation video Julius put together on the evening of the opening night of RAW. 

I didn't release the address of the event until the night before the show.  RAW was very underground for some legal reasons. At least 400 people walked through the house that night. Most of them complete strangers to me. The video was on a screen in the first room. It was to give people we didn't know and understanding of what really went on in that house, how long Lili had lived there and why we were leaving it. It was necessary to set the mood of the severity we were living at the time. It was called RAW for a reason ! It was such a challenging time and one that shaped a deep indentation of my life for ever. I will never forget the hardship of that time or the year that followed it.
RAW was an emotional explosion of  pictures on white walls in an emotional time. Putting those photos on the walls was an epic experience. It was the last time many people ever visited us at 31 Hofweg. bad as I look and as gay as I sound it's an amazing record of one of the most important nights I can ever remember having. Its not every day you through a massive exclusive exhibition to end an era.  I never wanted to show the video online because my bum crack is in it and I look like a fat cow that had not slept in days that should stop smocking.  But any ways who cares about my bum crack, fatness or gay voice. Lili, Julius, Niki, Vincent, AJ, Alex, Jamal and all the others that helped paint, move furniture out and hold our hand through that traumatic time and support that amazing night ! I WILL NEVER FORGET what you did and thank you for your love and support ! 

In the end.. That end was a new beginning !