Monday, April 12, 2010


I wrote below the other day about the day I went to a school to watch kids from all over Kenya come together and perform for each other. After all the performances I was out photographing all the kids in the yards running around and playing, socializing and so on. I wanted to get closer to them and shoot them, understand them. I took a lot of amazing photos that afternoon and all in all it was one of the most amazing days of my life.
However !!!! I had two little obstacles that day both of them are in the photograph above. Two Brothers that one might say have a obsessive hunger to become photographers them selfs. I walked around with the two of them scrabbling up my legs all afternoon. I had to hold my camera at shoulder hight after the little one ran off with it. It was a circus with them. A lot of the mothers there where in fits of laughter watching me find ways to escape them so I could make contact with the shy kids. IMPOSSIBLE TASK. In the end I felt I needed to give in to them and and gave them a crash corse on my nikon. God bless them. I smiled all the way back to our base camp that day.